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765/0 - Schwegler 1WQ Bat Roost


15" Wide X 23" Tall x 4-3/4" Deep. Weight: 46#. Two piece construction.   

This highly sophisticated Bat Roost is designed for the safe hibernation of bats intionwinter as well as for roosting, forming of colonies and raising their young during summer. The integrated isolation in combination with the well know advantages of the SCHWEGLER light-concrete material are ideal for the needs of building-inhabiting bat species all year round. The patented "double wall system" has been tested and proven over decades.
This house is used in many professional and scientific projects in forests all over Europe. The overall design and its combination of several well isolating materials in a layer structure ensures outstanding insulating properties but still guaranties sufficient air-convection and permeability. The extremely durable material will last for decades providing shelter - maintenance-free. Additionally, the insulating nature of this product also prevents overheating during summer.
Self-cleaning and thus completely maintenance-free. The interior is designed with different surface textures and areas with changing hanging depths. This accommodates differing bat species, making it easy for a variety of bats to find ideal hanging places,corresponding to their individual size, preferences and the climatic situation throughout the year. 
Exterior: The 1WQ comes with a decorative bat-silhouette on the front. The entrance area and the lower part of the front cover has an especially structured surface to allow the bats good grip during their approach and while entering the unit. The wide arched entrance section with integrated steps guides the way inside and therefore accelerates occupation by inexperienced young bats. 
Material: The box is made of special weather-resistant, air-permeable and rot-proof SCHWEGLER light-concrete. All metal parts are rust-resistant.
Installation: All hardware is included. The 1WQ is detachable into two parts. First the base is screwed to the wall. After that, the front-cover with the bat-silhouette is attached, covering the mounting screws. The 1WQ can be easily attached to most types of external brick, timber or concrete walls. It will also attract bats if it is placed inside a roof space or inside historic buildings. When it is fixed to timber we recommend that the gaps between the wall and the box are sealed with silicone to prevent moisture being trapped. Installation height: Position 9 feet or higher above the ground and with a clear flight path. 
Successfully used throughout Europe,on bridges, historic and modern multi-story buildings, industrial sites, churches and structures for power and energy supply. 
 Made by Schwegler Bird and Nature Conservation Products in Germany.

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  • Model: 765/0
  • Shipping Weight: 51lbs
  • Manufactured by: Schwegler Products From Germany

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