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121/4 - Schwegler Nest Box 2GR


For use where added predator protection is necessary. Longer portal tunnel and enlarged nesting area: 6.5" width x 8.5" length. The design of this nest box and its front panel provides effective protection against predators. The nesting chamber is well lit despite its size. Because of the light entering, nests are built very low down at the rear of the box, and out of reach of predators. The front panel, can be easily removed for inspection and monitoring, providing an unobstructed view of the nest. With its enlarged brood chamber and predator protection, the 2GR is widely used in parks and woodlands. The box is supplied with a hanger and aluminium nail. Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete. • Entrance hole: 1.5". Made by Schwegler Bird and Nature Conservation Products in Germany.

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  • Model: Schwegler Bird House #121/4
  • Manufactured by: Schwegler Products From Germany