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378/2 - Wildlife Paving Stone


Many creatures like to live under stones. 
The Wildlife Paving Stone offers an excellent way to discover and observe a world that is normally hidden from view. 
Made of a special material which stores heat from sunlight, it rests on a see-through acrylic panel and is set into a galvanized steel frame anchored to the ground. 
The Stone is then easily lifted up to view the creatures beneath the screen.

16" x 16" Square. 32 lbs. The stone has a recess for easy lifting. This is a great eductaional product for anyone wanting to gain "hands on" access to  Ants, Snails, Woodlice, Ground Beetles, Spiders, Earwigs, Earthworms, Millipedes, Beetle larvae and many others  

Please review the complete discription of the wildlife paving stone as provided by Schwegler at their website: Schwegler Website

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  • Model: 378/2
  • Manufactured by: Schwegler Products From Germany

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