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143/6 - Tree Creeper Nest Box


The following information is provided by Schwegler: Tree Creepers prefer a nest box that allows contact inside with a tree trunk that has a coarse type of bark, such as oak, alder, poplar, pine, pear or apple trees. For this reason the Tree Creeper boxes are open at the rear (the tree side). With their pointed beaks the birds can search among the cracks in the bark for spiders and insects such as beetles. The entrances, on both sides, provide excellent protection against cats and other predators from reaching in. Please review additional images below.


The nest boxes should be hung on trunks with a diameter of between 25 and 30 cm. The box rests on one aluminium nail, which is hammered halfway in, and is fastened to the tree with a coated wire. A foam seal pressing into the bark to prevent water entering the box.


Cleaning and inspection:

Cleaning and inspection: Loosen the wire and remove the box.


SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

Delivery includes:

- Nestbox 
- coated wire (approx. total length 130 cm) That's 4' 3"
- 1 x Aluminium-Nail


External dimensions: approx: H 35 cm x W 22 cm x D 10 cm

Nesting chamber: approx: 11 cm x 6,5 cm


1,5 kg

Information from the manufacturer in Germany:Schwegler Website 

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  • Model: 143/6 #2BN Tree Creeper Box
  • Shipping Weight: 40lbs
  • Manufactured by: Schwegler Products From Germany