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OG1N - Owl and Hawk Guard for MSS12 & M12K (Made In USA)


Owl Guard for MSS12R, M12K and old style MSS12. Secures with 4 Stainless Steel Spring Clips per Panel (2-Panels). Exclusive spring clip allows for quick installation and removal. Nest checks have never been easier. The marine grade, lobster trap mesh features 2"x2" openings. It's fully galvanized and then vinyl coated to prevent feather wear. The spring clips are made of stainless steel. OG1N protects against great-horned owl, fish crow and hawk attacks. New, recently upgraded! This guard now features 6 Enlarged entrance ports per panel. Each enlarged port is over 2-1/4" in diameter to ensure effortless access. Super easy to install.

Consists of 2 Panels, front and back. No tools required.
View image of the stainless steel fastening clip below. 
Another way to protect your martins is by using decoys. Hawks prey on the weaker birds and often consider the stationary decoy a target. A martin decoy can give birds a bit more time to disperse if a hawk is present. Also, the "clip" on decoy will release from its perch in a hawk attack. If you find a decoy on the ground it's usually proof that you have a hawk in the area. It's cheap insurance. Purple Martin Decoy

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  • Model: OG1N
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Erva - Made in USA