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GEHSR-S12 Garden Edging Hoops (RAW) - 12 Pack


Sturdy garden edging hoop sections are made with 3/8" round UNPAINTED steel wire. Overlap or place side by side. If spaced overlapped as shown in the images below, 12 pcs will fence 108" (9 Feet) in length. Positioned end to end 12 pcs extend 189" (15 Feet, 9").  The dimensions of each hoop are 15.75" tall and 15.75" wide. This product is sold unfinished and will rust over time, leaving a pleasing earth tone patina. See images. The patina on the hoops shown in the images below developed over a period of about three months in Chicago's summer climate.

The sections are easily installed by simply pushing them into the ground. If the ground is dry, the process can be made easier by soaking the ground prior to installation. These hoops are perfect for holding back bushy plants and defining the edge of a garden or walkway. Great for keeping unwanted pets out by signalling this area is "Off Limits."  The hoops may also may be positioned to guide a garden hose. Made in USA.

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  • Model: UPC 763945-129037
  • Manufactured by: Erva - Made in USA

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