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MSS12RSU1 - Unassembled (6 Room) Addition (Made In USA)


Full story addition unassembled. For those of you that don't mind doing the assembly yourselves, this kit includes everything you need to build a single story on top of your MSS12R purple martin house. The original rope lanyard elevating system works well for three story houses. Note: Adding more than one story (for a total of 4 or 5 stories) requires the addition of a Winch and cable elevating system to handle the extra weight.

Also available in packs of two unassembled floors at reduced cost of $74.99 MSS12RSU2 Two Stories - Unassembled


1 pc Small Wrench Tool
4 pcs 6-32 x 5/16 Screws (For securing the outer wall to floor beneath) 
4 pcs 6-32 x 1-1/4 Screws (For perches)
8 pcs 6-32 Nuts
4 pcs Acorn Nuts (for Tie Rods)
4 pcs Perch Rail Supports
2 pcs Tie Rods
2 pcs Porch Perch Rails
2 pcs Floor Sections With Pre-Installed Floor Clips
6 pcs Doors
3 pcs Internal Enlargeable Compartment Plugs
6 pcs Winter Door Stops
2 pcs Inner Wall Divider Without Port Hole
2 pcs Inner Wall Divider With Port Hole
1 pc Center Dividing Wall
6 pcs Nest Elevating Subfloors 
2 pcs Outer Walls With Pre-Attached Rails  

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  • Model: MSS12RSU1
  • Manufactured by: Erva - Made in USA