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171/9 - Owl Box #4


This German engineered owl house is the most durable product of its kind on the market! The front panel of the box can be removed for inspection and cleaning purposes. Owls can be encouraged to use the box if a layer of wood shavings or sawdust is spread over the floor.

Opening Diameter - 3-1/4" Top to bottom, 3" side to side. Inside dimensions 14" Tall x 8" Diameter. The entrance hole is 10" above floor. This box works for Pygmy, Eastern and Western Screech Owls as well as the Northern Saw-whet Owl.

This is a large box. Outside dimensions are 17" Tall and 11" Diameter. Weight: 20#. Made from Schwegler's proprietary wood / concrete mix. It's indestructible. Suspend 12'-18' above ground. Two aluminum nails are provided with the box.

Information from the manufacturer in Germany:Schwegler Website 

Further information about owls is also available here:Owl Institute

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  • Model: No.4 Owl Box 171/9
  • Shipping Weight: 25lbs
  • Manufactured by: Schwegler Products From Germany