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270/9 - Schwegler Cat Barrier Tree Wrap


The following information is provided by Schwegler: This device is used to prevent cats from climbing trees and reaching birds’ nests. See additional images below:

Positioning: The individual links are inserted into one another to match the circumference of the tree trunk.

Important: Always install well above head height to ensure there is no risk to children or others playing around the tree. Please check from time to time the correct position of the device.

Material: Galvanized steel

Includes: Cat Deterrent up to 115 cm circumference (Fits comfortably around a tree with 12" Diameter trunk) Combine more than one unit for larger trees. Dimensions: up to 115 cm circumference of the tree-trunk. Weight: 0,9 kg

Information from the manufacturer in Germany:Schwegler Website 

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 Sold Out 
  • Model: 270/9 Tree Barrier Guard
  • Shipping Weight: 40lbs
  • Manufactured by: Schwegler Products From Germany