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YCYL - Peanut / Sunflower Cage Insert - USA


Replacement Screen Seed Holder Option For Barrier Guard Feeders - Copper Tint. Holds peanut hearts and sunflower seed. 

The YCYL will fit into any of our barrier guarded feeders, and can be used in place of any internal feed dispenser. This feature allows your customers to install different feeding options in the same barrier guarded shell. Eg. use the YCUP for mealworms in spring and then switch to the YSUET in fall. Changeover is accomplished in seconds and without tools by simply loosening the large thumb nut at the bottom of the feeder shell. This quick disassembly feature also allows for quick cleaning of the feeder.   

The diameter of the cylinder is 2.8". The height is 8.875". The cylinder mesh is all stainless steel. Seed distribution dome is galvanized and powder coated for years of durability. 100% USA made.

Made in USA


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