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FP5TEM3 - 3 Arm "High Value" Bird Feeder Pole Set - USA


Please see schematic below for "installed" dimensions. 80" Heavy duty 5-piece sectional pole set. 1" Diameter. Includes 3- pole sections, 3 arms and a TWISTER twist in ground socket. This is our "value priced" pole set. It differs from our premium sets in that it has cold formed - instead of hand forged hooks. It is just as sturdy as our premium poles. 

This is the heaviest duty American made commercially available tubular bird feeder pole. This pole has an .060 wall thickness (16 Gauge), and will not rust through. Our pole has almost twice the wall thickness found on mass market poles. It's also powdercoated with an automotive quality polyurethane and lead free black baked on finish. 
Need to keep the squirrels off? You need to add a baffle - Our patented   SB1D Squirrel Baffle is 100% guaranteed to work!! 

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  • Model: 763945321899
  • Manufactured by: Erva - Made in USA