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SB8GLV - Cone Squirrel Baffle / Guard-Galvanized - USA


I actually put it on a peach tree. Last year squirrel ate all the peaches from the tree when the peaches were still green, wasted all my hard work I put on my peach tree. This year I used this baffle. Since it is a fruit tree, not a pole, I cannot screw it to the tree trunk, I attached some long strings and hang it on on the tree, with the tree trunk pass through the middle hole. It does that trick, this year, not a single peach was lost due to squirrel robbery. My another peach tree, which I used a different brand of a baffle, however, unfortunately did not stop the squirrels and I lost peaches every single day from the other tree. Clearly this brand works way better than the other and I will order this one again.
Date Added: 07/11/2018 by Chany Salamon