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FP6NF - Clamp On Straight Pole - No Flange - USA


Another great product from Erva Nature House. These Clamp On Straight Poles are very rugged with a heavy duty clamp. They are great for clamping onto a deck railing. My bird feeders are all attached permanently with other Erva mounting products, but I use these for my emergency preparedness radio antennas, which I mount temporarily during training exercises. They work perfect for that, even in moderate to medium winds. The only thing I don't like are the labels, which are hard to get off, but 10 - 15 minutes of scrapping with my thumbnail and some turpentine, and they are ready to go.(ERVA Response: Sorry for the hard to get off labels, we have been working with the label supplier to get an easier to release label. In the mean time a 10 min soak in warm soapy water usually does the trick, again sorry for any inconvenience.) Thanks again for the quality products!
Date Added: 10/25/2017 by Toshen Golias