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TWISTER - Twist Ground Socket for 1" pole - USA


I have 2 of these that were perfect for when we moved into new home in late fall and did not have time to dig and put in permanent pole anchors. We just wanted to get our Eva pole feeders up and start feeding! We especially liked the holes that allowed us to insert a LARGE screwdriver to be able to turn the auger into the ground. We first put the pole into the top with a level taped to it vertically so we could monitor while we turned that we were inserting it vertically straight. This allowed us to put up our 2 Eva poles to hold many feeders.- One pole held our large triple tube feeder that held a lot of weight when filled. Our other Eva pole with a three arm pole hanger on top, supported 3 different types of feeders. VERY HAPPY with this quality made & practical item!
Date Added: 09/02/2018 by Pat Haywood