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D14BH - HEATED 14" Bird Bath Dish Replacement


Good product; worked for about six years, which may be the normal life cycle of this type product. It finally quit, and I researched a reason...this may be it:
"The unit is not recommended for placement in large bird bath bowls which may fill with water, or on the ground. Possible water seepage will damage the product, and void the one year warranty."
I guess I should be grateful that it lasted as long as it did! We, as I'm sure a bunch of other customers, set it on top of the bird bath. I never saw the sentence above when I bought it.
It was a good unit while it lasted, but a bit over priced in today's market.

ERVA Response: Thanks for the review. I'm pleased to hear that you (and your feathered friends) enjoyed the bath for 6 years. I've had my personal bath out for 12 years this year and it's still going strong. Thanks for pointing out that the bath shouldn't sit in a pool of water. I have now highlighted that instruction in the paperwork (instructions can be reviewed on our web site as well). Please know that clamp mount, pole mount and ground level rings are available that will keep the insert above ground and dry. If you wish to place just the dish outside, feel free to do so - but place it in such a way that water won't pool beneath.

We prefer to call our unit "high value" as opposed to high price. There are cheaper imports available in todays market (and global economy) but they are not certified BPA free and they are not made with certified flame retardent materials. Our insulated (MOST ARE NOT) unit costs less to operate than the competition, and will save you money in the long run. We assemble our baths right here in Chicago to Erva's exacting standards for quality. Additionally, Erva customer service is always just an e-mail - or phone call away at 1-800-342-3782. Enjoy your birds!
Date Added: 01/14/2013 by Harald Jessen