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PNF1 - Peanut and Sunflower Feeder - USA


Best squirrel, starling & pigeon proof feeder!
I love this feeder, since I had given up feeding birds (except for 1 thistle feeder) due to the pigeons & starlings hogging my counter-weighted feeder. This feeder brought birds back into my yard with House Finches, Black capped Chickadees, Downy Woodpeckers and Cardinals feeding on this feeder- the cardinals learned to hold onto the side to feed. I fill my feeder with Safflower seeds that way the squirrels don't even hang on the ground under it- since they don't eat Safflower. This feeder is very durable - had it for 4 years now and its in perfect condition. Its also easy to fill and clean.
My cats love watching them thru my Collidescape covered windows so it doesnít disturb the birds & the birds donít run into my windows.
Date Added: 11/30/2017 by Janet Pellegrini