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TM12 - Purple Martin Mini Castle With 14' Pole (USA Made)
[TM12 Purple Martin House]


The Mini Castle system includes almost everything needed to start a martin colony. Almost everything because you have to provide the proper place to install it and the patience to wait for the martins.
The house is premade to have double compartments which is preferred by the purple martins. Although the double compartment seems to cut the available compartments in half, the martins will never fill a single compartment house completely.
I would strongly recommend following the instruction manual carefully. The manual is well written and concise. If any part is not installed correctly, then you will not be happy in the final product. A correctly assembled house is a dream to operate and very sturdy & durable.
After many years of service, I am still happy with my Mini Castle.
But I really don't think that is the most important feature of this house. The best feature is the martins love it!
Date Added: 04/26/2015 by Mark Vlasak