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MSS12R - Purple Martin House Complete W/ 14' Pole (Made In USA)
[MSS12R Purple Martin House]


We bought this product a year ago and are now buying a second one. We especially like the telescoping pole, much easier to put up and take down. It's a great house. Only thing I don't like are too many sharp edges but the birds don't seem to mind it!

Erva Comments: Thanks Jane for your feedback. We try to keep the edges as burr free as possible in the manufacturing process. That said, the house is made from aluminum sheet metal and unlike wood or plastic there will be sharp corners in places. Still, the cooling attributes and easy to clean nature of aluminum benefits the martins in a way plastic and wood can't. Jane indicates the birds aren't bothered by this, and that's been proven by the success of the Nature House brand over many decades. We do take great care to keep the edges around the portal opeings nice and smooth because that is where the birds come in contact with the house. Good luck filling your new house with purple martins!
Date Added: 01/27/2016 by Jane Thomas